Hydrotherm Massage

Immerse yourself in the indulgence of a 60-minute Hydrotherm Full Body Massage, available at £45.00. Kindly note that this exclusive option is tailored for ladies and encompasses a full-body massage, including the soothing massage of feet and hands.

You are floating on a bed of warm water...

Feel At Peace With Yourself

Imagine the sensation of floating on a warm waterbed, cradled by two heated water cushions, thoughtfully maintained at a delightful temperature of 35-40 degrees. You'll remain face up throughout the entire session, with your body perfectly supported in ideal spinal alignment. This massage is designed to alleviate stress, provide deep relaxation, and soothe tired muscles and aching joints.

Why opt for this approach instead of a traditional massage? If you:

Choose this method if you:

Prefer not to lie face down with your face in a breathing hole.
Find discomfort in lying on your front or side.
Don't like the idea of turning over halfway through a massage.
Tend to get cold during a traditional massage.
Have larger breasts or have undergone breast surgery.
Have had abdominal surgery.
Live with a disability or have specific health conditions.

Then Hydrotherm Massage would suit you because:

The Hydrotherm system offers an uninterrupted relaxation experience throughout your entire treatment, eliminating the need to turn over.

The massage encompasses your entire body, including your back, neck, and shoulders, all while you remain comfortably face up on the Hydrotherm system.

The consistent warmth of the water-filled cushions sustains your body temperature, enabling a deeper release of muscle tension and enhanced relaxation.

Back Massage on the Hydrotherm System
Duration: 30 Minutes  £30.00

To ensure the integrity of the Hydrotherm pads, kindly refrain from applying any fake tan 48 hours prior to your treatment.


Deposit Requirement:
A non-refundable £10.00 deposit is necessary to confirm your appointment, with a payment link sent for your convenience.

Reserved Appointments:
Booked appointments are secured for 24 hours, pending the deposit payment. Deposits must be settled within this timeframe to lock in your slot; otherwise, the appointment will be released back to my booking system.

Cancellation Policy:
To avoid a £10.00 cancellation fee, any cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice.

Deposit Validity:
Deposits are valid for 6 months from the payment date for rescheduling.

Your cooperation and understanding are valued. Please reach out for any queries. 

Thank you for choosing Peaceful Haven Holistic Therapies.
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