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Come and experience the tranquility of Peaceful Haven Holistic Therapies in East Kilbride today. Discover the healing touch that eases your discomfort, relieves stress, and empowers you to invest in your own well-being.

How I began...

The Turning Point: A Journey of Resilience and Transformation

18 years ago, my life took an unexpected turn when I received a dual diagnosis of cancer and Fibromyalgia. The relentless presence of pain became a daily companion, a challenge I had to accept and adapt to as best as I could.

However, the most significant trial of my life arrived on the 2nd of March in 2016, when I said goodbye to my beloved elderly mother, who had played an enormous role in my existence. Her passing shattered my world, leaving me devastated and adrift. In the following months, the weight of this loss took a toll on me, both mentally and physically. I found myself in a place where I didn't want to get back up, where it seemed impossible to piece my life back together.

It was during this dark period that I turned to meditation, a practice I had attempted on several occasions over the years. But this time, I noticed something different; I underwent what I can only describe as "an awakening." This profound experience transformed not only my perception of the world but also my mental and emotional well-being. I began to see life through a new lens, where vibrant shades of purple illuminated my path with newfound clarity.

This awakening marked a turning point in my life, a moment when I realized that my existence would never be the same again. I started to view life with an entirely fresh perspective, a perspective that ignited a sense of purpose and an understanding that I was embarking on a new journey.

Meditation, in its transformative embrace, lifted my spirits and brought clarity to my thoughts. I accepted the irreplaceable loss of my mother, understanding that it was time for me to reclaim my life, to start living again.

This is the story of my journey through pain, loss, and rediscovery—a story of resilience and transformation that continues to unfold with each passing day.

Empathy in Action: Creating Peaceful Haven Holistic Therapies

From my earliest days, I've been driven by a profound empathy for others and an innate desire to help people find peace and healing. This calling led me to establish Peaceful Haven Holistic Therapies, a sanctuary designed to offer my clients an experience like no other.

My vision was clear: to create a space where individuals could not only receive therapy but also truly connect with the environment. I designed meditation and treatment rooms with care, ensuring that they would be spaces of serenity and transformation, places where my clients could find solace and even fall in love with the ambiance.

In addition to these rooms, I've also introduced a Sound Therapy Room, where clients can immerse themselves in the energy and vibration of my Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, as well as Meditation Drums. The experience is often likened to a full-body massage but with the soothing embrace of sound vibrations. Complementing this, I've paid attention to every detail, from calming textures and soft lighting to beautiful furnishings. Many have remarked on the spiritual aura that envelops these rooms from the very moment they step inside—a spiritual energy reminiscent of meditation rooms in Nepal.

My purpose and vision now center around helping others find inner peace, conquer stress and anxiety, manage chronic pain, and elevate their spirits. To ensure each client's visit is as comfortable as possible, I've made a commitment to never book back-to-back appointments. This allows my clients to relax without the feeling of being rushed out the door. During each treatment, my aim is simple: I want my clients to unwind, and they're even encouraged to doze off if they wish.

I cherish the time I spend with each client, getting to know them on a personal level. Many have shared their thoughts and feelings, noting that a visit to Peaceful Haven feels like reconnecting with a long-lost friend. The connections made here run deep, and I am honored to be part of their healing journey.

Here's what my clients say...

"I've just had the most amazing massage with Yvonne. She made me feel totally at ease and was so welcoming and lovely. I found my experience so much more relaxing than a salon and her work area is fab and all the cv safety measures were in place.  I would definitely recommend using her and cant wait to go back."


"Yvonne is a very gifted spiritual healer. I have enjoyed reiki therapy, a sound bath, infrared light therapy. I feel energised and renewed following daily treatments. I received the devastating news of a breast cancer diagnosis, and I chose to flood my body with healing to supplement the conventional treatment. All treatments are done in a beautifully safe environment. The reiki treatments made me feel phenomenal and calmed my mind. I cannot recommend Haven Holistic Therapies more highly. Yvonne is intuitive and is an absolutely beautiful person. I have been so so fortunate in finding her. Thank you so much for everything."


"yesterday had the most wonderful reiki experience with Yvonne she is such a lovely lady. for anyone who has thought about reiki, go see Yvonne. she explains what it is and all you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy all that reiki has to offer. thank you yvonne"


"Received for the first time an Infrared sauna followed by sound healing. I have tried many holistic therapies in my time, this was one of the best and I cannot wait to go back again it was ultimate relaxation and I left feeling like a new woman, it was so unique and I love the way Yvonne has her treatment rooms set up, just a great vibe in the place. She was really professional and she put me at ease immediately. I highly recommend."


"I found Peaceful Haven mid panic last week as I had been dealing with a headache on and off for 4 days. I went for an Indian Head Massage on Friday and it was amazing. Yvonne was great at making sure I was comfortable and her technique was outstanding. Loved meeting Max, I could have stayed with him all day. I haven't had a headache since Friday (it's now Monday) and I will definitely be booking again!"


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