The Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

How Does Sound Healing Therapy Work?

Having been a Reiki Practitioner for many years I wanted to work more with vibration and energy.   After attending a sound healing workshop I became hooked on working with vibrations.  As soon as the crystal bowls and tibetan bowls began to play it I felt the vibrations of each sound moving through my whole body, it was an amazing experience and something I knew I had to work with.
So what is sound and vibration ?
Try to imagine what happens when you take a stone and throw it across a river.  Straight away it will create a ripple effect and vibration as the water moves.
Our bodies are between 45%-75% water  so by playing different types of frequency and vibrations we can create the same effect as the stone moving across the water.
Sounds are made up of vibrations, which affect the world around them.  Organisms have their own vibratory rates and objects have their own frequency as well.  The right combination of sound can organize neural activity, stimulate bodies and retune emotions, leading to calmness and productivity.  Because sound vibrations can profoundly affect the brain, the brainwave patterns will often change to match aspects of the sound vibrations.  This can promote calm,  tibetan singing bowls have been shown to affect the delta brainwaves which are associated with deep relaxation.
A few years ago I did an event and there was a lady who was post surgery and had attended having a lot of major pain in her stomach and at the end of the class she approached myself saying that the pain had completely gone, she felt great but had a slight headache.  This is a result of a shift of energy and vibrations moving through the body bringing balance.
I also remember a lady enjoyed a session for sound healing and suffered from sinus issues.  At the end of the session she explained that she felt a pop noise and is sinus pressure had dissappeared.  How amazing is that?

Remember — a blockage in our body’s energy results in negative effects on our:
– emotional state
– mental health
– spiritual well-being
– physical body

The sound waves from singing bowls help to remove these blockages.

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